The DIY Prep Guide to Winter Weather

Snowed In Your House


Holidays and winter weather can be a strain on your family and your budget. Snow can keep you cooped up and possibly stranded at home. Less money for the essentials and a slick, icy road can make this season a rough one.

But, have you ever considered making some of those essentials yourself?

A little do-it-yourself spirit goes a long way for saving yourself money and avoiding less than comfortable situations if you run out of a few must-haves. If you need more room to store your emergency kit or winter gear, a Cook storage shed provides the space you need for every season. Take a tour of our shed styles. 

Here are some DIY essentials to make this winter a little more comfortable. 

DIY Cleaning Spray: 

DIY cleaning spray

All-purpose cleaner is one of the best household items to have on hand. After all, it is all-purpose. It’s in the name. With just a few ingredients, you can make an easy homemade all purpose cleaning spray on the fly.


DIY Soap: 

DIY Soap Making

What’s worse than being snowed into a small, cramped house? Being snowed into a small, cramped house and it smelling terrible. But that’s an easy fix. Products to keep you clean are fairly simple to make if you plan – and this type of homemade soap can even be made without lye!


DIY Deodorant/Toothpaste: 

DIY Deodorant

To top off your morning routine, make a helping of this homemade deodorant when you’re bundled up under blankets, by a space heater or by your fireplace for just a little too long. And if you want to make your home even more self sufficient, this homemade toothpaste recipe will have you and your family fresh and clean every morning!


DIY Detergent: 


Now that you have your home and self clean, making your own homemade fabric softener and laundry soap can save your family money and save you from having to wear your favorite pair of sweatpants for the third or fourth day in a row.

Cleaning your dishes is simple with this dishwasher-safe homemade detergent. The best part? It’s only five ingredients and can be put together in just five minutes on your kitchen counter.


DIY Dog Food

DIY Dog Food

When the ice and snow rolls into town, it can take a toll on your home, your lifestyle and your electricity – every year, winter weather causes hundreds of power outages across the country. Your appliances shut down and your cold food storage items may be in danger of spoiling if your refrigerator is down for too long. But that doesn’t mean they should go to waste!

If you’re struggling to get out of your driveway because of the ice – or maybe you have just really fallen in to the DIY spirit – here is a recipe to keep your puppy fed with a homemade dog food! It’s all natural. It’s easy to make. Your pup will love it.


DIY De-Icer

iced over

If you’ve gotten this far – you’ve cleaned your whole house with homemade sprays and cleaners, you’ve bathed your family in your new personal scents and you’ve even fed your dog with your leftovers – you may be tired of being all cooped up.

If you’re finally looking for a way out of your house and to get your car out of your driveway, this two-ingredient car de-icer spray may be your saving grace. This easy spray can help melt the ice from your windshield and can even be used on your locks to free them up before inserting your keys.


Need a full emergency preparedness list that will last you through the winter and any other natural disasters? Download our helpful guide below!