The Ultimate Week by Week Spring Cleaning Schedule


So why is spring always the season for cleaning and organizing? It’s just the perfect time to rotate the stuff you have in storage to reflect the major change in the temperature outside.

You have to put those winter items like sports gear, holiday decorations and winter weather supplies back in storage. Then, bring those things out of storage that your family will use during the spring and summer months like warm weather clothing, sports equipment and gardening tools.

So spring is the time to clean but who has the free time or energy? If taking an entire weekend seems impossible (and seriously no fun) to you, don’t stress too much. You can take the gradual approach and have you home sparkling clean and organized in just 1 month from now!

Here is a week-by-week schedule to help you accomplish your spring cleaning goals, well before summer gets into high gear!

Week 1

The first step is to get rid of those things that you don’t need any more by donating, recycling or throwing stuff away. Go through one room at a time, each day of the week.

Sort items into categories and at the end of every day take trash bags to the dumpster and pack the trunk of your car with anything to be given away or recycled. At the end of every week, drop-off items to donate or take stuff to a recycling center.

Week 2

The next step is to tackle your closets. First, empty them out and completely clean all the shelves and storage bins. Then, return those items that you will only use for the current season. Anything that has been in storage for several months should be washed before rehanging.

Go through those out of season items and donate the clothes or accessories that you didn’t wear last winter. Clothes you plan to keep should be stored in vacuum sealed bags or plastic bins. A Cook shed is the perfect place for your off-season clothing!

Week 3

Now it’s time to declutter your home’s living spaces. If you have young kids this might be a more difficult task than you anticipate but with clean closets, it shouldn’t take too long.

Keep home office clutter in one box and at the end of the week go through it. Save tax documents, receipts and other reference materials in a binder or folder. Shred the paperwork you don’t need to keep any more.

One of the best resources for organizing your living spaces is the vertical area that book shelves supply. Either stand alone or built-in shelves can hold more than just books and they help get stuff off the ground. Get clutter off tables and move it into a basket on one of your shelves.

Week 4

Finally, the last week of the month has to be cleaning week. It’s time to do all those once-a-year jobs  like cleaning windows, washing drapes, steam cleaning carpets, waxing hardwood floors and dusting the top and back of appliances and furniture.

Divide up those large tasks so one falls on every day and by the end of the week. You will be shocked by the results!

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