Why These 3 Rooms Need You To Add A Backyard Shed


Think through each room of your house. Is there anything you wish was just somewhere else? Over the years, we’ve discovered there are at least three rooms in most homes that could benefit from adding a Cook shed to the backyard. 


1. Your Home Office 

This space needs to be filled with focus, but instead it quickly became a cluttered mess. The once organized office has become the catch-all room. Your desk has junk mail strewn across it, you can’t seem to find your printer anymore and you fight Christmas boxes, seasonal clothes and old toys every time you want get work done. 

What does adding a shed accomplish? 


Your backyard shed can actually be transformed into a backyard office. It becomes a dedicated space for you to think, create, host online meetings, and more. Since it’s away from the house, it’s a little more private and it’s harder for family to junk it up with every little thing. Want a little inspiration for how to get started? Read this article on transforming a Cook shed into a backyard office. 


2. Pantry/Utility Room 

Do you find it difficult to see what you have vs. what you need? The utility room can sometimes get overrun with emergency supplies, bulk supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, detergents), not to mention your everyday pantry items. The last thing you want to do, but find yourself doing often, is purchasing extra items you already own but just couldn’t find.

What does adding a shed accomplish?


You’ll be able to keep what you need every day inside but move some of the emergency supplies and bulk items to the shed. Now you’re creating accessibility for all the items you might need and putting an end to frustrating scavenging. 


3. Master Bedroom

There’s a blessing and a curse here, as your master bedroom is usually the largest bedroom with the largest closet. You might even have a walk-in closet which is a great storage space for your family. But, the temptation to “just throw it in the closet”, is real. If that sounds like you, you might want to rethink your storage solutions. You don’t want your closet filled with a lot of extras from seasonal decor to extra furniture to your giant Christmas tree stuffed in the back. It’s time to reserve your closet to your everyday needs. 

What does adding a shed accomplish? 

Lofted Barn in the backyard

A stress free environment to getting ready in the morning. Clutter and all the extras are now safely tucked into your Cook shed. Your master bedroom’s closet becomes a cleaner, more purposeful environment. It’s a great feeling to not have to climb over boxes, shoes and the Christmas tree to get to the sweater you need on the first cool Fall morning. 


Remember that a storage shed isn’t always just for tools and equipment. We’ve seen our sheds be used for a wide variety of purposes. You can take a look at a few examples here.