Window Treatment Ideas for Your Shed

Every person uses their shed differently, but whether it’s a workshop or a She Shed, natural light is a great asset to your space.  It helps brighten up your space, giving you ample lighting for your next project.

All of our Cook Portable Warehouses are customizable, which means you can add windows to any of our shed styles.  Some of our sheds already come with prime window placement, such as our Garden Shed and Handyman.

The window, especially with the added shutters, look great on the outside, but what about on the inside?  Sometimes window treatments can be a good idea, even in your shed!

What purpose can window treatments have inside your shed?

Window Treatment Ideas for Your Shed


You may want to keep what’s inside your shed hidden, especially if there are more valuable items and equipment. Whether you use your shed for storage, equipment, or a hobby/relaxation space, many times you have expensive or sentimental items you’re storing.  

With Cook sheds, you have a locking door handle, but the right window treatment could help keep your items a little more private.


-Temperature & Light control

A lot of people use their sheds as a workshop or garden shed. Some add electricity to their shed and add air conditioning, but many do not.  Having a way to block out sunlight can help keep your portable shed a little cooler in the summer. But, you still have the option to pull the curtain or blind back to allow in natural light to help you work or find what you’re looking for.



If you’re converting your Cook shed into a She Shed or Man Cave, of course you’re looking for extra ways to decorate. Window coverings are a simple way to add color and style, while controlling the amount of light and visibility into your shed.


There are so many ways to dress up your windows! Whether it’s for function or just for decoration, you can be creative with your window treatments. Check out some of these creative window treatment ideas from Better Homes & Gardens.   

Window Treatments for Decorations + Cook Portable Warehouses

  • Add trimming

If you find a simple roller shade or panel curtain you like on sale, you can easily dress it up. Take ribbon or rickrack and sew or glue to your curtain or shade.

  • Stencil

Find a plain curtain at a yard sale? Stencil a design on it with a little fabric paint!

  • Make your own curtain

Grab some scrap fabric and curtain rod clip rings to make your own curtain. Sew a simple seam all the way around your desired size of fabric (or glue down the seam for a no-sew option). Then simply clip your curtain to the rod using the clip rings.

  • Darken the room

If you are creating a home theater or man cave you may look into buying room darkening shades or panels. You don’t have to give up on fashion if you pick this option. You can still pick out your favorite curtain and then simply place the room darkening panel behind it.  This can also help with temperature control by keeping out the sun’s heat.


Window treatments can help you create the atmosphere you desire in your shed.  Whether you’re creating a fashionable She Shed or workshop, don’t forget to choose a window treatment that fits your style and function!

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