Yard Tips You’re Thankful Dad Taught You

You’ve learned a lot from dad over the years.  He may have taught you how to drive or how to fish. And you probably spent quite a few hot summer days beside him working in the yard or on the farm.

Here are the yard tips you’re thankful Dad taught you: Yard Tips Dad Taught You + Cook Portable Warehouses

Don’t wait too long to cut your grass.

Yard Tips You

It’s always more work when you do. If it’s too long it will clump up around your yard, making it hard for your living grass underneath to get the proper circulation and sunlight it needs to keep living.

If you did wait too long, save those lawn clippings for compost.

Also, having piles of dead grass in your yard isn’t very attractive when looking out your window.  


Don’t cut your grass too short.

Cutting it too short can actually kill your grass and leave dead patches strewn across your yard.  Keeping your yard healthy is


Keep your lawn mower blade sharp.

Have your blade sharpened at least once a year. A dull blade will make it hard for your grass to recover after it’s been cut. Also, a sharp blade will decrease your mowing time.  


Only mow when the grass is dry.

Mowing on a wet lawn will make it harder to get a clean, tidy cut. Also, wet grass also easily clumps together and can clog up your motor or blade deck, which can cause you problems.

Only mow when the grass is dry + Cook Portable Warehouses

Alternate your mowing pattern.

Mowing the same direction each time you’ll notice the grass will start leaning that direction.  This means you will stop getting a clean cut.  Mowing against the grain will always give you a better cut.


Take time to relax and enjoy your yard.

You learned this in those warm (literally) memories of taking a break in the shade. Sitting there eating a popsicle or drinking water, you were able to have meaningful conversation and relax while admiring your hard work.


Don’t weed whack your wife’s flowers.


You may have witnessed this actually happening and it’s probably one of the best lessons you ever learned from your dad. It’s also one of our pro-husband tips!

Take proper care of your lawn mower.

Take Care of your Lawn Mower + Cook Portable Warehouses

This includes cleaning it regularly and routine maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Also, remember to keep it out of the weather. A Cook portable building offers an easy place to store your mower and other lawn care supplies.

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