Your Shed Buying Worksheet:

When deciding which shed is right for your storage needs, many factors should be considered. You want to ensure that when you pick a style and size of building, it’s the right one. Choosing the right shed can be challenging. There are a few good reasons to choose a Cook shed (we lay those reasons out here), but the important thing is to get the shed that fits your budget, your backyard and your storage needs the best.

Below we lay out questions you need to ask yourself to determine what you need. But don’t neglect the important questions you should be asking your shed dealer as well. We walk you through a few of these questions in this article. 

Lofted Barn In Fenced Backyard

Consider the following questions like a short worksheet to help you define what you need and want in a portable shed for your backyard: 


What is the size of your yard?

First, consider the space you have in your yard and where you plan to place your Cook shed. The location needs to be accessible for our delivery trucks and be far enough from any other buildings, fencing, large trees, etc. to allow the doors to open. It can be helpful to stake out the perimeter of your shed in your chosen spot. It helps you visualize if you have enough space and if you’re happy with the location. Cook offers free site checks to confirm your location is a good fit for one of our buildings. You can learn more about our delivery process here. 


Where will you put your shed?

If you have a large yard and a lot of potential places to put your Cook shed, there are several primary things to consider. First, choose a space that is accessible from your home. Make it easy for your family to use it whenever possible. Then, think about the purpose of your shed. For example: if you plan to use it as a Garden Shed, it should be adjacent to your flower beds and near a water source. If your building will be used for outdoor activities, place near your pool or an open space.


What are you planning to store in your shed?

Storage Inside a Shed

If you are planning to use your shed for excess storage for your home or garage, first make a list. Think of the larger items you plan to keep in your shed. Measure things like lawn equipment, gardening supplies, vehicles and boxes, to get an idea of the space you need. Remember to leave extra space to walk comfortably inside your shed. Also, don’t forget that you will continue to collect additional stuff as the years go on, so you might choose a larger size shed to accommodate for future storage. Many of our shed styles have a loft option, so think about what can be stored overhead too. 


How are you planning to use your shed?

Inside Bar Shed

If you plan to use your Cook shed as a home office, workshop or she shed, list and measure everything you plan to put inside. If it will be a place to entertain then consider the amount of space necessary to make your guests feel comfortable. Don’t forget to consider future possible changes in the purpose of your shed. We always recommend customers go up at least one size from their current measurements to help account for future growth.


What is your budget?

This is a big question and one that could determine the size building you select. The larger the building and the more features the higher the cost, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s out of your budget. Cook offers two options to help customers get the right size building and stay within their budget. We offer pre-owned buildings in like-new condition with all the same warranties as new buildings for lower prices. And our Rent-to-Own program allows customers to rent the shed while paying toward the overall cost starting with just a small deposit. Remember, this isn’t just any rental agreement, you’re really investing in your home’s landscape.


Check these questions off your list too before you make your final decision: 

  • After measuring it out, how much space do you have in your backyard?

  • Do you have a space in mind for your Cook shed?

  • Are you planning to store excess clutter in your Cook shed?

  • Do you plan to store any large items (vehicles, lawnmowers, furniture) in your Cook shed?


  • Will you convert your shed into a workspace or workshop? If so, what all will go inside? 

  • Do you need loft space for additional storage in your Cook building?

  • Are you looking for extra accessories with your building? If so, what?

  • What color do you want for the siding and shingles on your Cook building?

    Color Options 2021

  • What building style would compliment your home’s décor best?

    Garden Shed Tall 10X16(2)

Your answers can help you decide which Cook portable building will fit your needs and style best. Once you’ve decided on the above. Then comes the fun part: shopping! Here are a few steps we suggest: 

If you’re struggling to make a decision, Cook is here to make that choice a little easier. If you have additional questions find a local dealer near you, call 1-800-772-7883 or build your shed online to start a conversation with one of our Online Sales Facilitators. 

Let’s get started building your shed today!