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    Cook Sheds in Baton Rouge

    Do you need more room for storage? Whether it’s for holiday decorations, lawn equipment or tools, a Cook shed can fit your needs. Stop by Cook Portable Warehouses of Baton Rouge.

    You can tour our portable buildings and find the shed that will best fit your purposes and budget. This is a corporate lot, so our dealer Phil Yates can answer any questions and help you find the right match.

    What’s popular?

    Some customers come just for storage needs, but others use our sheds for businesses, hunting cabins, man caves and more.

    Our shed styles are your blank canvas. Here are few of the most popular styles we offer:

    Slim Shed: This is perfect for those living in the city or a smaller neighborhood. It gives you extra storage that looks like a small extension of your home.

    Lofted Barn/Garage: Need a garage or need to reclaim your garage? This is a great fit! Larger equipment goes on the bottom, while extra storage goes on top.

    Utility Shed: This is our most versatile shed available. It has many custom options available, from adding a loft, windows, extra doors and more.   

    See all of our shed styles here!

    Want custom features?

    Each of our portable buildings have custom options available. As you take a look at the sheds in Baton Rouge, if you don’t see what you want, talk with Phil about your needs. We can help you add custom features to any of our shed styles. You can decide on:

    • Shingle color
    • Siding color
    • Heavy duty floor vs. standard floor
    • Window placement
    • Door type and placement
    • And more!

    Why Buy from Cook?

    No matter which Cook building you like best, you are eligible for our Rent to Own program. Instead of paying for a storage unit across town, you can put money into an asset you will one day own. Plus, you’ll have the convenience of having it on your own property 24/7.

    Our sheds also are made with high quality materials which allow us to offer a Lifetime Warranty on all treated components. When you buy from Cook, you’ll always know who you’re working with. From building, delivery, warranties, to financing...Cook answers your call.

    If you’re searching for a portable building near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, then visit Cook Portable Warehouses of Baton Rouge. We’ll work with you to find or customize the shed you need.