3 Essentials for Building a Man Cave

Man-Cave-sign-AdobeStock_145647642Your man cave is going to be a sacred space. It’s a place that will be built just for you (Ok, maybe it’ll be built for you and a few others in the family, but mostly you.)

There are three essentials for you to move forward with the perfect backyard Man Cave.

#1 A clear(-ish) purpose for what your space will become: 

Having a clear purpose in mind will help with #3 on our list, but it will also help you enjoy your Man Cave to its fullest. 


Want it it be a place where your friends can hang out without distractions? 

Pub Shed from Cook Portable Warehouse


What about building a sports den for you, your father and son to enjoy game day together? 



What about a place to finally invest in your musical talent or your promise to lose weight (or both?)



What about creating a space that will allow you to tinker, build and create to your heart’s content? 


Now, we said clear(-ish) idea, because your space will most likely evolve over the years. But, if you have a clear idea at the beginning, it will help you with essential #2 below.


#2 A blank canvas that will allow you to create your space and fulfill that purpose:

There’s a reason we say a Cook shed provides customers with a blank canvas. Our sheds are built with the highest quality materials to withstand weather and your normal backyard wear and tear. You can learn all about how our sheds are built here. 

Once you have a durable blank building, you can then make the modifications you need to build your space. Having a clear idea of your shed’s purpose will make it easier if you decide to work with a contractor or electrician to make major changes once you own your building. 

Inside Cook Handyman Shed

All of our buildings have notched floor skids, double stud construction and an aluminum plated threshold. You can watch below to see how we build our sheds and the benefits of each feature. As Greg Cook himself says, “What’s the consequence of not having that feature?” It’s important to not only know a feature exists, but why it’s necessary that it does. Read more from Greg Cook. 

Many of our customers have taken their Cook shed and created exactly what they’ve been dreaming about. From art studios, to food pantries, to she sheds and more. Check out a few of these creative transformations. 


#3 Your wife’s permission (potentially the hardest to accomplish):


Ok, we may not be able to help much with this one, but it’s important for your wife to be on board with your investment. It might go over a little better if you find a way to share the space with her. Our Handyman shed is a great option if that’s what’s necessary to get the go-ahead. Mainly, we recommend discussing how this shed will benefit you both, not how it could potentially become your favorite place to be. Some thoughts, we’ve found, are better to keep to oneself. 


If you’re ready to find your own blank canvas for your Man Cave, visit your local dealer or start building your shed online. We’re excited to add you to our Cook Family!