3 Essentials for Building a Man Cave

Your man cave is going to be a sacred space. It’s a place that will be built just for you (Ok, maybe it’ll be built for you and a few others in the family, but mostly you.) There are three essentials for you to move forward with the perfect backyard Man Cave.

Sent to the Dog House? Let’s Give It An Upgrade

What’s your dog house like? No, not your dog Jack’s four walls and a roof in the backyard. We’re talking about your own four walls and a roof (hopefully) where you go when you’ve discovered you didn’t notice her new hair cut, or you forgot to load the dishwasher, or you accidentally put her favorite shirt in the dryer…yeah we’ve … Read More

Building Calming Creek Woodworks

There’s a little paradise found on a dead-end street in Kentucky, where a creek runs alongside and a new workshop has just been set up. When everything is in full bloom, his backyard is the perfect spot to work or relax, even though it’s near the city. It’s what inspired the name for Chris’s hobby shop, Calming Creek Wookworks.    … Read More

Make Your Shed Useful for YOU

It’s your shed. Not your sister’s shed. Your neighbor’s shed. Or even your kid’s shed. (NOTE: It IS your spouse’s shed too though, don’t forget that. Not that they’ll let you). Moving on.  Your shed is for you and your home. So, ensure that it’s solving your purpose. 

Our Favorite Tool Shed Upgrades [Videos]

We know you’ve been planning your ultimate workshop for awhile. You’ve got every corner filled with the right tools, the right workstations and the right projects. That’s great, but if you don’t have the right tool shed to match those projects, you may find yourself getting a little frustrated.