3 Must Haves for Your Tool Shed


Every tool shed is different. We all have our own way of doing things and it’s the BEST way. Right?

But, before you can truly set up shop, you need to have the right base. 

Our advice? Don’t buy the first “tool shed” you see, make sure you’re getting what you need to fulfill the vision you have for your workspace.

We recommend mapping out exactly how you envision your tools being stored and also where you will set up your workstations. You want to make sure you’re giving yourself plenty of room for everything you’re wanting to do, both now and in the future. You may only want your tool shed as a workshop, but will someone need to store something in it later? Or maybe you’re only thinking about storing your tools. But, wouldn’t you rather have space to work on projects as they come up whether it’s summer or winter, rain or shine?

As you search for the right storage shed and workshop, here are three things we think you definitely need. 

  1. Workbench or workstations: This is where mapping out what you need will help you decide on the style and size of your shed. You might even find a shed design that already has a workbench built into it like our Handyman shed. The main thing is you want to create zones where you will store/use your larger equipment. Then, you can start filling in the rest of your tools. 
  2. Warranties: Always, always, always ask about the warranties. And, don’t just ask what the warranty will be, ask who will service it if there is an issue. You want to make sure you’ll be working with one company from purchase, delivery, to warranty claims if you need them. If anyone has a Cook warranty claim, they can call us directly and a Cook employee will take care of it. Check out our warranty options, including our Lifetime Warranty on all treated components. 
  3. Electricity: Even if you have an all battery-powered tool set, you still need charging stations and the right amount of light to work effectively. Now, before adding electricity to your portable building, think through your zones. Where will you need electricity the most? Where will you hang the lights and what kind will they be? Then, hire a professional electrician to run electricity to your shed. 


If you’re wanting to add charging stations, a dual workstation or a rolling workbench, check out some of our favorite tool shed upgrades here. 

Now, if you’re still searching for the right storage solution, tool shed or workshop… (shameless plug alert!) our sheds make a great shell for any design you have in mind. 

The Utility Shed is a versatile, high walled design with many features you can add to it. 

Cook Utility Shed in Yard


The Tool Shed is similar in design, but has shorter walls and doesn’t have a loft option. Here’s why it’s a great choice though

Inside a Cook Tool Shed


The Handyman is probably our favorite design as it creates two separate rooms for you. You can have extra storage in one room while you reserve the other room strictly for your workshop or hobby space. This style even has two workbenches built into it. 

Inside a Handyman shed

Plus, every Cook shed comes with a lifetime warranty on all treated components. We’re checking off all the boxes! 

Let us help you find the right style for your dream tool shed. Visit your local dealer to tour different shed sizes and designs. Or, fill out our ‘build a shed’ form for your favorite shed style and an online sales facilitator will contact you with more details on pricing and custom options.