How a Shed Can Help Build a New Normal

Your summer may be shaping up to look a little different than you had originally planned. We challenge you to embrace it! Let disruption feed what’s next, not stifle it. 

Whether your summer vacation has been canceled, or you’re wondering if you’ll ever go back to the office, we have solutions that might just help you rethink your normal.  

While everyone else is trying to go back to normal, maybe what you needed was the space to rethink what you want everyday life to really look like for your family. Below you’ll see how a shed might actually help you build a new normal that fits your goals for the future. 


  • Refresh Your Workspace

    office inside shed

The kitchen table isn’t going to be the most inspiring work solution forever. Or, maybe you’ve been working in a home office that’s cramped and full of storage. If you’re going to work from home you need a space away from the kids and away from distractions. You need a place you can truly feel inspired to come into work everyday. So, stay close, just not too close. 

Not sure about how to take a shed and turn it into a home office? No worries, check out this article to see some of the changes we recommend. To start, you might look at our Premium Utility Cabin. This shed style immediately gives the outside of your office a professional, home-like feel to it. Then, you can take the basic design and add more windows, doors, etc. to fit your needs. 


  • Build Your Oasis

    Outside She Shed

First, make the decision to believe that your summer hasn’t been ruined. Let us help you build your own little getaway! Create an oasis in your own backyard for the whole family to enjoy (or just you!). From She Sheds, Man Caves, to pool houses, we’ve seen it all. 

It’s about building a space where you can relax, create or entertain friends/family. There are so many possibilities when you start with the right blank canvas. We recommend looking at the Utility Shed (as seen above), as this is our most versatile shed, you can add windows, extra doors, flower boxes, etc. 

Take a look at how this Utility shed was completely transformed into the perfect backyard oasis/She Shed. 


  • Go For It!

    Inside Handyman Shed Workshop

You’ve dreamed for years about owning your own business and maybe the craziness of this year has actually provided you with an opportunity, instead of a dead-end. With the right blank canvas, you can transform your shed into a little shop, workshop, office and more. 

Take a look at Calming Creek Woodworks, they took a Handyman shed and, before it even arrived, started planning out every detail for the best lighting and work station efficiency. They were tired of working in the garage and decided to take their hobby to the next level! 


Here’s the thing, we all need a little inspiration right now. So, if nothing else, be the inspiration for us. Find your blank canvas and start the transformation! You can either order a custom built shed, or you can find one at your local dealer. If you’re not sure yet, see why Cook is such a great choice, no matter your shed’s purpose.