If this is you…it’s time to buy a shed

When you have a full house, active kids and a spouse who is very passionate about their hobby, it’s easy to lose track of things. The main issue? Not enough space! So here’s a way Cook can make more room for your stuff when you just can’t seem to find everything.

You Don’t Have Too Much Stuff

We live in an age where you hear the message of declutter and downsize constantly. And nothing is inherently wrong with that. But, for many of us, it can quickly become discouraging as you glance around your home and feel like there is too much stuff and no time to do a deep purge.

The DIY Prep Guide to Winter Weather

  Holidays and winter weather can be a strain on your family and your budget. Snow can keep you cooped up and possibly stranded at home. Less money for the essentials and a slick, icy road can make this season a rough one. But, have you ever considered making some of those essentials yourself? A little do-it-yourself spirit goes a … Read More

The Winter Prep Guide for Surviving the Cold

Homeowners be warned: Jack Frost is rolling into town. Sounds like the opening to a horror movie, right? That’s not too far off. Some are already seeing snow, cold winds and utility bills that would make Franz San Galli roll in his grave. Before you start hunkering down for another snowpocalypse, take a few steps to shore up your home … Read More

7 Ways to Maximize Your Garage Space

When winter weather rolls in, it’s time for homeowners - and shed owners - to start packing away the summer. That means your bags of clothes, gardening tools, half-finished projects and lawn-care equipment need a place to go. But, where? Garages everywhere are about to be flooded by junk - where does that leave homeowners? Drowning under mountains of ‘stuff,’ ... Read More

Winter Prep Tips: Start With a Plan

When temperatures take a nosedive, so can your backyard, your shed and your home - if you’re not careful. But a little bit of planning and a Cook shed can always keep the grass greener, even when it is buried under a foot of snow. Make a List: The first step is knowing what you'll need. Make a winter checklist ... Read More

What Can Fit Inside A 10 x 10 Storage Shed?

There are so many reasons you could be looking for a shed. You might just need extra storage or you might be looking to build a backyard workshop. As you search for the right portable building, research more than just the size.

What Engineered Wood Isn’t

Take a look at our shed’s side walls. Do you know what our siding is made of? We’ve had some customers, by just a picture, doubt that our warranties can be trusted. All they see is OSB (oriented strand board), which in the history of construction has proven susceptible to rotting and retaining moisture. NOT a good idea for a shed … Read More

4 Reasons to Choose the Lofted Garage

  Having an overhead door gives your portable building even more versatility. Whether you’re driving your car, tractor or utility vehicle into it, the Lofted Garage is the perfect fit for those needing both vehicle and miscellaneous storage space. Cook’s Lofted Garage comes in a variety of sizes and does have the ability to be customized. Here are the available … Read More