Sent to the Dog House? Let’s Give It An Upgrade


What’s your dog house like? No, not your dog Jack’s four walls and a roof in the backyard. We’re talking about your own four walls and a roof (hopefully) where you go when you’ve discovered you didn’t notice her new hair cut, or you forgot to load the dishwasher, or you accidentally put her favorite shirt in the dryer…yeah we’ve been there. Historically, being in the dog house is not fun…but if you find yourself there often, maybe we can help you make a change.


People have talked about boundaries and space in marriage/relationships for years. Maybe there’s something to it. We’re not psychiatrists so we can’t speculate there. But, we think it definitely can’t hurt. Who knows, maybe your “dog house” can actually become one of your favorite places to be.*

*No, we are not endorsing you spending all your time there, nor are we suggesting you pick fights so you are sent there on purpose.


More physical space could be helpful, especially after spending a year cooped up in the house due to COVID. You might just discover you’ve just needed an outlet. A space you can breathe in and create in, a space that’s just for you.


So, how can we transform “the dog house” in your own mind? Let’s start thinking of it as your own space to create, reconnect with the things you love to do. Plus, it’s an opportunity to give your family the space they need too. 


Dog House —- Or Man Cave? 


Now, maybe don’t call it a man cave when you’re pitching this purchase to your spouse, but slowly work your way there. Eventually you could have a full set up of TVs, recliner, mini fridge, etc. It has to be cheaper than driving around the neighborhood for an hour or heading to the movies every week (not that we assume you’re in the dog house every week or anything…)


Dog House —- or Woodworking Workshop? 


Or, maybe you have some creative juices (or pent up frustration) flowing through you that need an outlet. Transform your shed into a workspace. Give yourself the time and space to build something new with your own hands. Check out how Chris transformed a Cook Handyman into a woodworking workshop fully outfitted with electricity, a loft and organized with the best tools for the job. Pro tip: Use the space to create the perfect peace offering. A new dining room table or an entirely hand carved bedroom suite might do the trick… (too much?)



Dog House —- or Sports Den? 

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Now, if you’re really in the dog house, you may not want to be caught watching sports. But, if you’ve worked out a system, this might be a great opportunity to enjoy the game without disrupting the entire house. Take a look at this sports den built out of a 12×16 Utility Shed. They put in insulation, drywall and electricity. Then they installed custom screen doors so they can enjoy the outdoors without all the bugs. They even added a heating and cooling system so they can use it year round.


If you really want to win some brownie points, make it a space you can share with your significant other. You both need more room to explore the things you love. It’s hard to take your hobbies or your “me time” seriously where there’s no room in your home left. Make it big enough to house both of your passions. It might actually keep you out of the dog house for a while, even though you might feel inclined to spend a little too much time there. 


When you’re ready to turn your dog house moments into opportunities, visit your local Cook dealer or build your shed online