6 Color Combinations That Elevate Any Backyard Shed

Handyman - Lofted 12X24 White with Brown siding

It’s amazing how color can be the thing that stops us from finalizing our purchases. We’re afraid of choosing the wrong one, when really, they’re all right. (We just have to find the one we think we’ll like for years to come. No big deal.) 

A few tips on choosing the right colors for your backyard: 

  • Take notice of the color combinations that seem to draw your eye first. Ever heard of Marie Kondo? Which one “sparks joy” in you? Ha! We’re just saying to simply take note of the ones you like best. 
  • Bring a sample of your siding or brick with you to one of our dealer lots. Start picturing how different color combinations will look alongside your home or garage. 
  • Think about your landscaping. Will you have flowers or trees around the shed? Do you want these landscaping additions to pop or just blend in? 

Here are 6 color combinations that we love to see our Cook customers choose. It doesn’t matter which shed style or size you pick though, you can have control over the siding, trim and roof colors. Take a look at an example here and start playing with your own color combinations. 


Grey & White

Deluxe Cabin - Utility 12X32 - Grey & White

This is our Premium Utility Cabin in all grey with white trim around the windows and front posts/railings. This combination gives any backyard shed the appearance that it’s just an extension of your home’s decor. 


Red & White 

premium-lofted-cabin- Red & White

It’s classic, what more can we say? The red base with white trim looks great on any farm or in your backyard. You’ll see below, even our smallest shed, the Slim Shed, looks stunning against the raw wood fence in this customer’s backyard. 

Slim Shed 06X12 - Red and White


Grey & Tan 


Utility 10X12 - Grey & Tan It’s a more muted color combination. It’s not meant to be the focal point of the backyard, but even when it is, it looks clean, simple and functional. 


White & Brown 

Lofted Barn 10X12

Who knew white siding could look so clean and stylish in your backyard?! Yes, you may have to take the power-washer or even just a broom to the siding occasionally, but this will continue to be a beautiful addition to any backyard. 


Cedar & White 


Cedar with white trim is never overdone. That’s like saying the hues of a forest are overdone. It’s a more natural look than some other color combinations available. This barn blends into its landscape. Take a look at other color options for the Cook Barn, here. 


Green & White

Tool-Shed-10X12 -- green and white trim

Green and white offers a modern twist to the classic backyard shed. If you’re wanting something a little more subtle with a hint of color, then the green siding with white or tan trim is the way to go! 


The great thing is that all color combinations are offered for each of our shed styles. Plus, even if you customize your shed, you’re still eligible for our rent-to-own program. 

Renting your shed first allows you to a. try your shed on for size (literally, if it’s too small, you can trade up!) b. get the storage you need at the price that fits your budget right now. There’s no reason to keep investing in a storage building you’ll never own across town. Instead, you have a storage solution in your backyard that will quickly be under your ownership. 

Want to start building your shed online? Click below, choose the shed you like best and then click “build this shed” to begin playing around with color options. OR, visit your local dealer to see all of these options in person.