5 Reasons to Turn Your Shed Into a Home Office

Working from home has become a bigger trend since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Bringing work home quickly transformed from being taboo to the norm. The problem was many didn’t have an adequate workspace to stay focused throughout the day. At home, there are many other demands than those of just our boss. 

Your Top 3 Questions Answered About Cook Sheds in 3 Minutes

If you’re beginning your portable building search, most likely you have or will have one of these three questions.  On our Facebook page we answer these questions, and more, every day. If you haven’t followed us yet, you should. We share tips on transforming your shed and backyard into something more. Once your Cook shed is delivered, you’ll have something ... Read More

Our Shed Buying Process in 7 Simple Steps

You have a variety of storage needs from your bedroom closets to your kitchen pantry. But, many times those locations begin seeing odd items. Your kitchen pantry may have tools and gardening equipment and your bedroom closets are now overrun with Christmas decorations! Or, perhaps you’ve taken over the spare bedroom with your hobby. So, every time the grand kids … Read More

Top Shed Styles & Features [Infographic]

We love helping families find more room for their stuff! Across our 14 state service area, our top three buildings sold in 2019 were the Lofted Barn, Utility Shed and our Tool Shed.  Plus, we introduced 5 NEW shed styles. How did these new shed styles come about? Because we recognized different customer needs and began designing sheds to fit … Read More

Lofted Barn is #1 Choice of 2019

Throughout the year and across 14 states, we’ve worked hard to find our customers more room for their stuff. From hobby workshops to she sheds to storage sheds, we’ve been dedicated to helping our customers not just find a shed, but the shed they need.  And, what a large majority of our customers need is apparently our Lofted Barn. For … Read More

What Are the Joneses Buying This Year?

Trying to keep up with the Joneses? It’s a little unrealistic, don’t you think? The important thing is to get what you need and a little of what you want. So, do you need a new phone? Below you’ll find some of the top options. Need more room for your stuff? Then let’s find you the right storage solution. 

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Shed

Do you really need a shed? You may ask yourself that or maybe your spouse has brought it up a few times. You know you like the idea of having a shed. You’d have more space for storage. More space for your hobby. More space to work on random projects. Just the thought of a clean, empty space sounds nice … Read More

Make Your Shed Useful for YOU

It’s your shed. Not your sister’s shed. Your neighbor’s shed. Or even your kid’s shed. (NOTE: It IS your spouse’s shed too though, don’t forget that. Not that they’ll let you). Moving on.  Your shed is for you and your home. So, ensure that it’s solving your purpose.