Pet Proofing Your Shed

Most homeowners have various uses for their portable sheds and whether it’s a main use or not, many times pets find their way in. Some even convert their shed into a great pet home. See how you to do that here. But, most use their shed for storage, as a workshop or hobby space, with some using this space as ... Read More

How to Prepare Your Things for Storage

Packing your things for storage can be a major undertaking. But the more work you put in now, the less frustration and heartache you’ll have when you need the items again. Portable buildings are a great asset after a big move, remodel or just for everyday storage. Cook Portable Warehouses builds their sheds to last, so your belongings stay safe … Read More

Organize Your Shed in 5 Steps

When you open your shed and there’s only enough space to take a step or two inside…you know it’s time to purge and organize. But, most likely you’ve gone to the shed to find something, realized it was a lost cause and shut the door on the problem. So, today let’s dig into how you can make your shed functional … Read More

Three Inexpensive Storage Solutions to Help Reclaim Your Garage

Is your garage full of all the stuff that doesn’t fit inside your home? Do you barely have room for your vehicle or those other big items you need on a daily basis? If you and your family’s frustrations are mounting with your cluttered garage, we have a creative solution just for you! Use your Cook Portable Warehouse as the … Read More

How to Prepare Your Shed for Spring Fun

The time for gardening, sports and outdoor fun is almost here. So, spend the last days of winter preparing and dreaming of the fun ahead. Begin by cleaning out and organizing your shed. That way, when the warmer weather arrives, you aren’t fishing through clutter to find a deflated soccer ball. Instead, you’re ready to enjoy a game with the … Read More

The Ins and Outs of Organizing your Shed for Warmer Weather

Summer is here and with it kids are coming home from college and you’re leaving for long awaited vacations.  So, to fully enjoy these sunny days, it’s a good idea to get your storage shed, garage or attic prepared to save yourself valuable time and energy later.

6 Helpful Spring Home Buying Tips

Spring is the time for buyers and sellers to act because of the mild weather and breaks from school. We have also provided tips on our blog for anyone looking to sell their home. So for more on getting your home ready to sell, read this post. For anyone who is in the market to buy, here are 6 tips … Read More

4 Ways to Enhance your Home’s Outdoor Space

Who doesn’t love to spend time outdoors during the spring and summer months? So it makes sense that your outdoor space should be as comfortable, warm and inviting as your indoor space. If this sounds intimidating, trust us you don’t have to build a deck or put in a pool to enjoy your yard. With a few small tweaks, your … Read More

The Ultimate Week by Week Spring Cleaning Schedule

So why is spring always the season for cleaning and organizing? It’s just the perfect time to rotate the stuff you have in storage to reflect the major change in the temperature outside. You have to put those winter items like sports gear, holiday decorations and winter weather supplies back in storage. Then, bring those things out of storage that … Read More

6 Ways to Simplify Spring Cleaning

If you have been working on those non-fun spring cleaning and organizing tasks and wishing you were outside enjoying the beautiful weather, we totally understand! Sometimes those seasonal household errands seem like a never-ending hassle. At Cook, our focus is one streamlining life with helpful storage solutions and organizational tactics for our customers and anyone else! So here are 6 … Read More