What’s In Your Shed? A Year-Round Checklist


Maximizing space is a necessity whether you have a small or large home. Everyone has their own interests and space needs and at times it can feel a little too crowded. So, we’ve compiled a few tips and checklists to help you maximize your storage space and keep everyone’s things stored safely. 

Our first tip is to find a storage shed that will fit your budget and your storage needs. Whether this means you need a space to create or just need a place to store Christmas decorations, a Cook shed is a good solution. Take a look at our options here. 

Garden Shed Tall 10X16(2)


What should you store in Spring/Summer?

This is when you need those holiday decorations to be pushed to the back and your lawn and gardening equipment pulled to the front. Try to keep a clear path to any items you know you’ll be using more often during these warmer months. 


whats in your shed - Spring/Summer


What should you store in Fall/Winter? 

Your home and lawn care needs change as the colder temperatures arrive. You’ll want to store your pool supplies and any outside decorations that could be hurt by winter snow/winds. Plus, you’ll want to put away any yard equipment you won’t need till Spring, like your water hoses, outdoor toys, gardening tools, etc. 

What to store in your shed Fall/Winter


Prepare Your Shed & Items for Storage

Now, before you put anything into storage, make sure you’re thinking through what you’re putting away and where. 

  • Declutter and get rid of anything you don’t plan to use anymore. Whether this is clothing, decorations, kitchen supplies etc. Many consignment shops will take a variety of items from clothing to furniture.
  • Can you repurpose something? For those memorable items that you don’t want to get rid of completely, see if you can find a different use for them. Old lunchboxes can become a great place to store first aid items. Or an old CD plastic sleeves case you can use as a recipe holder. 
  • Start a seasonal trade-off event with your friends. Gather clothes from your closet that you may not wear next season and and have your friends do the same. Or gather seasonal decorations that you’re not sure you want anymore. Get together and see if anyone wants to trade. Whatever is still left, give to charity.
  • Think about how you can maximize your space. If you haven’t already bought a Cook shed, you may want to consider purchasing one that has a loft option (Lofted Barn, Lofted Garage, Utility, Handyman). Then you can store larger items and equipment on the main floor and extra storage bins in the loft.
  • Use your vertical and horizontal space efficiently. Add adjustable shelves and pegboards to help you keep items organized. To maximize your vertical space, add hooks and hang bins or other items (cords, hoses etc) from the ceiling or doors.
  • Sweep out and organize what is already in your shed. Is there something you need to take out or move closer to the door? Is there something you don’t need anymore? Decluttering and cleaning out your shed each season will help you keep everything organized and easily accessible.


Your Shed Organizational Checklist

Before you store anything inside your shed, you’ll want to mark off this checklist first. Taking care of this now, will mean you’re saving time and space later! 

Shed Organizational checklist

  • Are my items stored in closed containers?
  • Are my items stored in the smallest container possible?
  • Do I need to buy a smaller container?
  • Could I vacuum seal this to save space?
  • Are my containers labeled on all sides?
  • Is it easy to read?
  • Are the labels too easy to peel off?
  • Is it stored where the label is easily seen?
  • Are my containers and labels color coordinated?
  • Are all of my Christmas decorations in red or green boxes?
  • Are all of my fall decorations in orange or brown boxes?
  • Are my clothes all stored in the same colored boxes?
  • Have the toys been washed or sprayed with disinfectant before they’re put away in closed containers?
  • Are the things I’ll need first or most often placed near the door? Are the items I won’t need for a while stored in the back?

Everyone’s storage needs are a little different. Therefore everyone’s sheds are a little different. When you visit your local Cook dealer, they’ll ask you a few questions to help direct you to the right storage solution for your needs. 

If you’re not sure the right size for your shed or want to know what options are available, check out this article!