Winter Prep Tips: Start With a Plan

When temperatures take a nosedive, so can your backyard, your shed and your home - if you’re not careful. But a little bit of planning and a Cook shed can always keep the grass greener, even when it is buried under a foot of snow. Make a List: The first step is knowing what you'll need. Make a winter checklist ... Read More

Cook Declutter Challenge: 10 Minutes or Less

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a difficult task. There are many ways you can break it down to make the task less daunting and a lot more enjoyable. If you commit 5-10 minutes everyday for a week to a certain space, you will start seeing progress. You can even spend more time each day, or less, but remember, every minute ... Read More

6 Reasons to Start the New Year with a New Shed

It’s the time for planning vacation days, new adventures, and making new resolutions. The new year brings a lot of possibilities! One of the best investments you can make in the new year, is purchasing a long lasting, well built portable building. Why should you start the new year with a new shed? Here are six reasons to consider as … Read More

5 Ways to Declutter After Christmas

The holiday season brings on a lot of extra unnecessary clutter. New decorations, wrapping paper, new toys, tools and larger gift items. It can be a hassle as you struggle to find space for everything when you’re already very aware of the little space you have left. Here are 5 ways to declutter after Christmas and start the new year … Read More

How to Set a New Year’s Resolution that You Will Keep

Setting New Year’s resolutions are always a tricky business. It’s important to take time to reflect on the resolutions you made for the previous year and how successful you were at achieving them. In fact, one-third of New Year’s resolutions don’t even make it to the end of January. The reason for this high number of forgotten promises is that … Read More

Setting up a Holiday Guest House in your Shed

The holidays are a busy time that usually includes inviting guests to stay with you, sometimes for a long period of time. The in-laws come for a few weeks or a sibling’s family needs a place to stay for all of the family holiday festivities. But, with that many people in the house it can quickly get a little overwhelming. ... Read More

How to Prepare Your Things for Storage

Packing your things for storage can be a major undertaking. But the more work you put in now, the less frustration and heartache you’ll have when you need the items again. Portable buildings are a great asset after a big move, remodel or just for everyday storage. Cook Portable Warehouses builds their sheds to last, so your belongings stay safe … Read More

Storing Items for Winter in Your Shed

Temperatures will continue to dip so now is the time to begin thinking through how you’ll store items through winter. In your garage? Your shed? Under the bed?  Whether it’s summer clothes or outdoor lawn equipment, you’ll need a safe place to store it during the colder months.  The great thing is that a Cook shed makes this process so … Read More

3 Things to Buy and What to Skip this February

Last month we shared 3 smart investments for January and 3 things to avoid or wait to purchase.  To revisit that information and plan for next January’s spending, read this post!

How to Refresh Your Shed for the New Year

With a New Year begun, it’s a great time to reinvent your routine with more trips to the gym and less junk food. And it’s also the ideal time to reinvent your storage space.