8 Shed Styles Looking Great in 8 Backyards


When you walk through one of our portable shed lots, all of the sheds look great, but it can sometimes be hard to imagine what it will look like in your own yard. What will it look like next to the swing set or right against the side of your house? Will the siding colors blend? Will you have enough space to get it into the spot you really want it? 

These are important questions and ones you should discover before you make a purchase. Though, if you enter into our rent-to-own program, you always have the option to trade up if you discover your shed isn’t exactly what you need. You can learn more about the rent-to-own benefits here. 

Our customers are from across 14 states and we’re always excited to see how our sheds look in their rightful place: your backyard. Take a look at 8 popular Cook shed styles and how they look in our customers’ backyards. 

Lofted Barn 

Lofted Barn 10X12

The Lofted Barn is one of our most popular sheds and doesn’t it look magnificent in the corner of this backyard? The brown trim frames this long-lasting building nicely. If you decide you need an additional door or window, we can add it for you. Check out all of the custom features available on the Lofted Barn. 

Size Options: 8’x12′ • 10’x10′ • 10’x12′ • 10’x14′ • 10’x16′ • 10’x20′ • 12’x12′ • 12’x14′ • 12’x16′ • 12’x20 • 12’x24′ • 12’x28′ • 12’x32′


Garden Shed 

Garden Shed Tall 10X16

We love the stark contrast of this grey garden shed with white trim. All of our Garden Sheds come with a window and flower box that takes this style from just a shed to a gorgeous addition to any backyard. We love the way this homeowner prepped for their shed’s delivery. Though they didn’t need to put down a rock foundation, it does elevate the look of this backyard shed and ensures it remains on level ground. They opted for the taller sidewalls to give them more headspace and storage space. See more backyard images of this shed style!

Size Options: 8’x12′ • 10’x12′ • 10’x16′


Handyman Shed 

Handyman - Lofted 12X24

Right next to the garden, you couldn’t pick a better spot! Our Handyman shed offers two rooms and lofted space. Whether you need storage AND a workshop, or a garden shed AND lawn mower storage, or a man cave AND a she shed…this is a great solution. 

Size Options: 12’x24′ • 12’x28′ • 12’x32′


Lofted Cabin

Lofted Cabin 12X32

The Lofted Cabin looks like a smaller version of your home, just sitting in the back portion of your property. It’s an inviting space for your creativity, your work or just a nice coverup for your storage needs. Many these days are finding it makes the perfect home office. It gives you a dedicated space to work at home, without having the distractions that come with being at home. Plus, the front porch gives you a small place to sit and enjoy the outdoors while still sheltered from the rain or the sun. 

Size Options: 12′ x 24′ • 12′ x 32′ • 12′ x 36′ • 14′ x 28′ • 14′ x 32′ • 14′ x 36′


Lofted Garage

Lofted Garage 12X24

Tan and white trim is a clean, classic look for your backyard garage. The Lofted Garage gives you both space for your vehicles or larger lawn equipment, plus space for general storage. With two doors, you’re able to pull your vehicle in using the steel overhead door or just step in using the side door. Though not pictured here, this garage comes standard with a 24×36 window. Check out other Lofted Garages in backyards here! 

Size Options: 12’x20 • 12’x24′ • 12’x28′ • 12’x32′


Slim Shed 

Slim Shed 06X12

This is one of our newer shed options for those who need storage but are limited on their yard space. It’s built to sit right up against the home or fence like you see here. Though it’s our smallest shed, it still provides many with exactly the storage options they need. It’s a great solution for storing yard equipment, sports equipment, holiday storage and more. Check out all of the Slim Shed features. 

Size Options: 6’x12′


Tool Shed


Tight fit? No problem! You’d be surprised at the amazing work our delivery drivers can do. Learn more about our delivery process! This tool shed is slightly smaller than our Utility Shed, so it doesn’t overshadow your home and is a good fit for some HOA communities. 

Size Options: 8’x12′ • 10’x12′


Utility Shed 

Utility 10X16

It’s versatile. It’s customizable. And it’s one of our most popular options. This customer decided to add a window, flower box and shutters to the standard Cook Utility Shed. Before delivery they decided to lay gravel down as a foundation so it continues to sit level. Our sheds are actually rated for ground contact, so moisture or sitting on grass is not a problem, though some of our customers do still decide to lay a foundation first. 

Size Options: 8’x12′ • 10’x10′ • 10’x12′ • 10’x14′ • 10’x16′ • 10’x20′ • 12’x12′ • 12’x14′ • 12’x16′ • 12’x20 • 12’x24′ • 12’x28′ • 12’x32′


Can you picture it a little better now? Before you decide on any shed (ours or someone else’s) be sure to analyze more than just how they look on the outside. Dig into how they’re made and ask questions about their warranties and durability. Some notes for any Cook portable building: 

  • All of our sheds are offered under our rent-to-own program. This means you can get any of our sheds delivered for free with no credit check and just a small deposit. Yes, it’s really that simple. Plus, if you decide it’s not the right fit, just return it or trade up to a different shed all together. All of the rent-to-own details. 

Are you ready to add a shed to your backyard? Let’s get started building today! Visit your local dealer or build your shed online.